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  Sichuan Province Qingyuan Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd. Electromechanical and the knot of the professional configuration is complete, with a wealth of hydropower station and the design of gold knot, has completed the mixed flow, water bucket, bulb and axial flow and other models Of the power station design, has been put into operation as many as 20 power stations。

   ShuBaGu station designed by us is currently the first high-head of Asia's water bucket-type power station, the maximum head of 1209.6m; all domestic fuselage unit capacity of 48MW, which is the domestic pure domestic capacity of the largest stand-alone capacity of the 6 nozzle Water bucket type unit, DaAGu power station stands capacity of 110MW, head up to 630.7m。

  The company designed the Bala power station, installed capacity of 720MW, mixed-flow unit stand-alone capacity of 240MW; JanKe hydropower station for the highest head of the mixed-flow unit power station, rated head of 495m, stand-alone capacity of 82MW。

  The company designed the BanQiao power station, installed capacity of 90MW, tubular unit single capacity of 30MW。