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  The company has completed more than 10 small and medium river hydropower development,Watershed planning has a total installed capacity of nearly 4 million kilowatts,Which includes: Sichuan Province Ya'an City West River、Songlin River Hydropower Planning,Ganzi Jinsang River、Zhier River、Jiulong River Hydropower Planning,Abe Xiaojin River、Heshui River、MaoErGai River Hydropower Planning and many more。

  The company has Construction project water resources demonstration Class A qualification certificate (certificate number: Water Demonstration No. 05108161) issued by the Ministry of Water Resources . The scope of business includes surface water, shallow groundwater, deep groundwater, mineral water and so on. The industry includes water conservancy, agriculture , Thermal power, construction and so on. The company has engaged in water resources demonstration work of 35 engineering and technical personnel (senior 23, intermediate 4, junior 8), made on the job training certificate for 11 people. Since the completion of the construction project water resources demonstration qualification, has completed nearly 20 hydropower station water resources demonstration report, which Khan River, Geda and other projects of water resources demonstration report by the Sichuan Provincial Department of Water Resources as excellent report.