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  Sichuan Qingyuan Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd. has the "Construction Project Environmental Impact Assessment Qualification Certificate" B Class qualification issued by the Ministry of Environmental Protection; business scope includs agriculture, forestry, water conservancy environmental impact report, general project environmental impact report form。

  Environmental impact report specific areas of business include: agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, fishery resources development, aquaculture and its services and other projects; sand control project; reservoir, irrigation, diversion, dam, hydropower, tidal power and other projects. Environmental impact report form Specific business areas include: except for power transmission and radio and television communications, nuclear industry category other than the project。

  The company has 15 people have made the State Environmental Protection Department issued the environmental impact assessment induction certificate, of which 6 have environmental impact assessment engineer qualification certificate, environmental impact assessment technical staff with three senior titles, with intermediate grade 9。

  Since July 2008, the company has completed the construction project environmental impact assessment qualification certificate, has completed more than ten types of various types of environmental assessment business, mainly related to water conservancy and hydropower projects, with a wealth of environmental assessment experience, environmental impact assessment documents to obtain Industry and authorities departments Praise。