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1、Construction project proposal and feasibility study Investment estimation, project economic evaluation report preparation and review;
   2、Construction project budget preparation and audit, and with the design comparison, optimization design, limit design work to carry out the project cost analysis and control;
   3、Determination of contract price of construction project(Including the tender engineering bill of quantities and the standard, the tender offer the preparation and audit);Contract price of the signing and adjustment(Including engineering change, project negotiation and calculation of the cost of the calculation) and the project payment, project settlement and completion of the settlement (decision) report preparation and audit, etc.
   4、Project Cost Economic Dispute Identification and Arbitration Consultation;
   5、To provide engineering cost information services;
   6、Project cost consulting business can be the construction of the project implementation of the whole process or a number of stages of management and services。
   7、Construction project preparation and review;
   8、Compilation and Auditing of Financial Final Accounts for Construction Project;
   9、The historical cost price and both the cost of price of Construction project information consultation;
   10、The whole process of construction project cost (investment) control and audit;
   11、Construction Project Economic Evaluation Report Editorial;
   12、Agent project bidding, document preparation and review;
   13、Research on Material Price of Construction Project Market;
   14、Estimated value of housing valuation;
   15、The preparation and review of post - evaluation of construction projects;
   16、Construction Project Investment Management and Consulting;
17、The amount of investment of more than 50 million yuan of the project cost (more than the amount of investment, subject to the level of cost consulting qualification audit, not subject to regional restrictions)。