333 Warren St, Hudson, NY, 12534
21st Century Technology Meets 19th Century Charm

The Inn At Ca’Mea is doing its part for its customers and the environment by taking steps into the green. Over the last few months we’ve been deep into finalizing a transition project to reduce our carbon footprint and move the Inn into renewable energy sourcing. The project incubated over the last three years. Max had installed solar panels on his home and was very pleased with them. “I’ve always had a big interest in Alternative energy and after seeing the savings and the huge amount of carbon reduction, And since we can officially say the Inn at Ca’Mea is now completed we saw no reason not to install the Panels.” – Max Cenci, Co-Owner of the Inn At Ca’Mea. Keeping with a philosophy of  having a small carbon footprint Max’s partner at Ca’Mea, Roy Felcetto, also now drives an electric car and offers a high speed charger to guest who drive electric cars. In addition to the solar system addition 90% of our lighting is now LED. With some of the highest efficiency heating and cooling systems rolled into the makeover, we are bringing this grand old house into the 21st Century while keeping intact it 19th century charm.

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